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Crypto.com now supports FAST deposits and withdrawals for SGD fiat wallets

Crypto.com app users in Singapore can now enjoy zero-fee deposits and withdrawals using FAST.
Crypto.com now supports FAST deposits and withdrawals for SGD fiat wallets

FAST-in, FAST-out. This new feature will allow Singapore users to ramp quickly into crypto with higher deposit and withdrawal limit of S$200,000 per transaction with zero fees.

SGD Funds Transfer Service FAST
Deposit Limits S$200K per transaction
Withdrawal Limit (min. S$50 per transaction) S$200K per day / S$2.7M per month

How to deposit and withdraw crypto over FAST

Users need to first connect their bank account by making a deposit.

  • Head over to Fiat Wallet under the Trade section of the main menu
  • Click Set Up New Currency in Fiat Wallet and add SGD as a new currency and accepting the Terms and Conditions. Once done, you should have SGD as a new currency option.
  • Select Link Bank Account to connect your bank account to your SGD Fiat Wallet.
  • Record your bank account information

Once recorded, input these details when making a transfer from your bank account. Do a test transfer and the amount should be reflected in your account.

To withdraw via SGD fiat:

  • Ensure that your bank account is activated
  • Request a withdrawal in the Crypto.com app
  • Wait for review – it could take between 1 to 2 business days to review the withdrawal request
  • Once approved, receive your funds in your bank account

Note: Your first deposit may take one to two business days to be processed. Once the bank account is verified and connected to your SGD Fiat Wallet, subsequent deposits will be instant and you will be able to use the funds to buy crypto almost immediately.

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