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Endowus CPF calculator helps you plan for your retirement

You can now find out if you can retire comfortably at your desired retirement age with your desired monthly income using the Endowus CPF calculator.
Endowus CPF calculator helps you plan for your retirement

The Endowus CPF calculator will help you determine if your desired retirement plans are achievable and feasible. The interactive tool will calculate and project how long your CPF funds can last you based on your current CPF balance, future CPF contributions from income, and desired retirement age and lifestyle - while taking into account complexities around how CPF interest rates are calculated and compounded, and how CPF contributions are calculated for bonuses.

In just less than 10 minutes, you can view a summary of your report immediately or opt to receive a comprehensive CPF Preparedness Report with your personalised CPF projections and actionable recommendations.

Sign up for an account with Endowus using this link and invest at least $1,000, and you will get $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access fee of 0.40%).

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