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Endowus launches Ultra Defensive Portfolio

The Ultra Defensive portfolio is 100% allocated to fixed-income funds with a lower volatility characteristic compared to existing funds.
Endowus launches Ultra Defensive Portfolio

Endowus announced today the launch of a new Ultra Defensive Portfolio - by curating a portfolio of four high-quality bond allocations to enhance the downside protection of the fixed income portfolio while still maintaining stable market returns.

The outcome is a safer lower volatility fixed income portfolio, that sits right in between their existing 100% fixed income (very conservative) Core Flagship Portfolio and their Cash Smart Enhanced cash management product.

This portfolio includes a new Low Duration Income Fund, a sister fund to the flagship PIMCO Income Fund.

The new fund was launched in Singapore as an SGD-hedged Institutional share class exclusively for Endowus customers by PIMCO. PIMCO is the largest fixed income manager globally with $2 trillion of assets under management. This portfolio can be invested using Cash and SRS.

Comparison of Endowus' new Ultra Defensive Portfolio with other products

The new UDP is still 100% allocated to fixed-income funds but it has lower volatility characteristics, making it safer and less volatile, and therefore less risky than existing products offered by Endowus.

Risk-based comparisons between the three funds

Historical performance of the Ultra Defensive Portfolio

Sign up for an account with Endowus using this link and invest at least $1,000, and you will get $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access fee of 0.40%).

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