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Saxo launches digital wealth management service SaxoWealthCare

Saxo has launched SaxoWealthCare, a digital wealth manager that helps people achieve their life goals with an active approach.
Saxo launches digital wealth management service SaxoWealthCare
Possibly the most important innovation in the personal finance industry in the last 30 years, SaxoWealthCare is a 5th-generation digital wealth manager that builds on modern portfolio theory to deliver an investment plan that is unique and personalised to each individual.

The most common pain points for investors from existing wealth management solutions generally relate to issues of conflicts of interest, high fees, and the fact that products and services that investors are getting are not built with the investors’ interests in mind.

SaxoWealthCare brings you guided investing and automated portfolio management tailored to your needs and financial goals. It builds an active, quality portfolio at a fair price based on your own goals and your life ambitions.

Everything is active – from allocation and management to monitoring and protection, investors get a living, breathing portfolio aligned with their goals.

You answer a few questions about your financial situation and objectives, your investment preferences and your risk appetite. Based on your answers, SaxoWealthCare will create an investment plan and a portfolio that’s unique to you. Then, as markets move or your goals change, your portfolio gets optimised automatically.

Investors can start their wealth management journey with a minimum amount of $3,000.

Saxo has launched a lucky draw where one lucky investor gets to win SGD 50,0000 invested into a SaxoWealthCare portfolio to help them get closer to achieving their life goals, whatever they may be.

Investors can also win monthly prizes of SGD 8,888 and weekly prizes of SGD 888, which will be credited to their Saxo account if they win.

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