Join the Spiderverse on Discord

It's been three years since we went live with betterspider, creating content around personal finance, investments, robo-advisors, etc.

Instead of reading one-sided blog articles, we know that many of you want to have a conversation and discuss ideas. Some of you guys want to be part of a greater community to share opinions, feedback, and news.

We wanted to start a small community of spiders who share similar goals:

  • Those who view finance and tech as enablement tools
  • Those who look for personal and professional growth
  • Those who want to reach financial freedom early in life to pursue your own goals

If these resonate with you, come join the Spiderverse on Discord! We want to have an interactive virtual environment to mingle and meet new spider friends.

Here's how to join:

  1. Register for a Discord account

Discord is a virtual communication space to build relationships with people online.  We will be using Discord for our community and you need a Discord account to get started.

Discord website

2. Join the Betterspider community

Accept invite to the server

Click on the link above and then click Accept Invite.

3. Click on the reaction role in the welcome channel to unlock the rest of the server

Receive your spider role

 4. Chat away! Participate in giveaways and win prizes

You will be among the first inhabitants of the Spiderverse. To reward brave spiders like you, we will be giving away more than $200 worth of rewards over the next 3 months as we build the server together.

In addition, the first 25 server members will be given the superspider role - an exclusive role for the most loyal fighters, defenders, and advocates of the Spiderverse.

This role grants you perks like:

  • Participate in giveaways and win prizes
  • Access to gated content on Betterspider
  • Unlock gated channels in the Spiderverse
  • Network and mingle with fellow Superspiders
  • Early access to promotions and deals
  • Join real-life and virtual events in the future

The Spiderverse has landed - there are lots more down the line, and we are just getting started.