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Syfe launches flexible portfolios with Syfe Select

Syfe is launching Syfe Select - a customizable and flexible portfolio for investors to build a diversified portfolio of various ETFs of their choice.
Syfe launches flexible portfolios with Syfe Select

Syfe announced the launch of Syfe Select today – a customisable and flexible portfolio for investors to build a diversified portfolio of various ETFs of their choice.

Syfe Select comes in two forms:

  • Syfe Select Themes
  • Syfe Select Custom

Syfe Select Themes

Syfe Select Themes is a simple way to invest in a thematic portfolio with Syfe.

If you’re an investor looking to capitalise on long-term structural trends such as disruptive technologies, sustainability, changing demographics, and China’s evolving economy, you can invest via Syfe Select Themes.

Syfe offers 5 different themes to invest in:

  • ESG & Clean Energy: Stocks focused on ESG, clean energy, and water sustainability
  • Disruptive Technology: Companies focused on innovations like robotics, artificial intelligence and cloud computing
  • Healthcare Innovation: Investments focused on healthcare advancements such as genomics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals
  • China Growth: Stocks aligned to companies in China’s growing tech and consumer sectors
  • Global Income: Investment-grade and high-yield corporate and government bonds that offer high yields

Usually, investors might want to complement their core portfolio holdings with a thematic portfolio - a form of a satellite holding - if they wish to bet on the potential outperformance of a theme versus the market.

For example, the Disruptive Technology theme consists of multiple ETFs, including:

  • ESPO (15.54%)
  • BOTZ (14.91%)
  • CIBR (13.66%)
  • KWEB (13.63%)
  • CLOU (12.50%)
  • IPO (10.44%)
  • ARKF (10.34%)
  • ARKW (8.98%)

What if you think 15.54% allocation towards ESPO is too excessive? You can customize the portfolio with Syfe Select Custom.

Syfe Select Custom

Syfe Select Custom also allows you to create your own customizable portfolios from their universe of ETFs, sorted by trending, recommended, top performers etc.

Its value proposition is as follows:

  • Choose from over 100 curated ETFs and Funds
  • Adjust allocations to dynamically analyse past returns, portfolio exposures and overall portfolio risk.
  • Make it your own by adjusting your portfolio allocations

Syfe Select Value Proposition

The launch of Syfe Select comes at an opportune time with flexible and customisable ETFs in a roboadvisor that automatically rebalances twice yearly and automatically reinvests dividends at a low 0.35% fee annually.

Since Endowus only has DIY portfolios with mutual funds, and StashAway has yet to launch flexible portfolios, Syfe has cleverly positioned this product launch to meet the needs of particular market segments:

  • New retail investors who want to invest in global ETFs without incurring huge brokerage charges
  • Customers who cannot invest on their own due to regulatory or compliance reasons but can invest in their own basket of ETFs via Syfe

For those who have a core portfolio holding with Syfe or elsewhere (even DIY), Syfe Select might be used as a small satellite allocation towards themes that you are bullish on without co-mingling your funds with the rest of your portfolio.

In fact, Syfe Select might also be a good way to set regular investment or savings plans because they are low cost, have no minimums to start, and offer free transactions, rebalancing and dividend reinvesting - ensuring that you keep more of your returns.

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